Bitcoin Prediction: BTC Could Reach $28k Soon

Bitcoin (BTC) has been racing since yesterday, and it seems to be quickly heading to $9,000. Experts have been claiming that BTC will surpass this level soon, and then it will also manage to hit $10,000, which will mark an important point that will release FOMO to the mainstream.

At the moment, the most important crypto in the market is priced at $8,703.20, and it’s trading in the red.

BTC will reportedly restest the $20,000 level

In order to trade above $8,500, BTC managed to surpass a few important resistance levels. UToday reports that Max Keiser, a Wall Street veteran, predicted that Bitcoin’s price could retest the $20,000 level soon.

This was the high that BTC managed to reach back in December 2017.

Keiser tweeted that there’s little supply between BTC’s current standing and a new ATH (all-time-high).

But he also said that BTC hitting $28,000, for instance, is a viable possibility, although he did not say when such a target could be reached.

His predictions regarding BTC are really bullish and he said that the coin will do so great that the BTC’s crash from last year, when the coin hit $3,300 will be hardly visible on the charts.

2018 was indeed a tough year for the digital assets, and experts said that it was nothing more than a correction, which is a natural step. They also noted that during the past year, the market has matured and it will show a bullish trend this year.

Considering that the bulls are back into the market, and more moves are being made towards the mass adoption of crypto, they might have been right.

BTC to reach $11,500 next month

Another recent prediction claims that BTC will be hitting around $11,500 by June.

UToday mentioned that the medium trend for BTC remains upwards, and the forecast for the next month’s price is somewhere between $10,500 and $11,500.

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