Invest In CMA’s IEO On IDAX Crypto Exchange To Support The Democratization Of Crypto Advertising And Marketing 

Decentralization is essential when it comes to the innovative blockchain industry.

Cryptos and their underlying technology are not an unknown subject anymore, and more companies and institutions are finally beginning to understand the huge benefits coming from implementing the blockchain tech.

CMA supports marketplaces’ entrance in the blockchain space

The CMA project’s primary goal is to support any marketplace’s evolution towards the new technologies.

The CryptoMarketAds is the very first product from the new ecosystem that’s currently in the works.

This aims to solve all crypto marketing and advertising problems for publishers and advertisers. It’s basically a meeting point for all of them and also a way to boost crypto companies by helping them promote their decentralized marketplaces.

CMA plans to develop a new blockchain for marketplaces, an ICO platform, and a drag & drop marketplace builder that will allow even the inexperienced build their very own decentralized marketplace.

CMA is the world’s first IEO decentralized marketplace ecosystem project

The IEO will be held on the crypto exchange IDAX. Just in case you are not familiar with IDAX, this is an international exchange platform that’s originating from GBC, and it was founded back in 2017.

According to official data, IDAX managed to be in the top 10 exchanges of CMC rank.

On IDAX, CMA’s IEO will be extremely simple, and anyone interested can take part after registration.

The schedule is that on June 5th, 13:00 (UTC+8) IDAX will provide CMA (CryptoMarketAds) token via an Initial Exchange Offering.

The CMA project is making available a total of 160,288,000 CMA (CryptoMarketAds) tokens to IDAX users in the IEO.

We recommend that you read the original announcement for the complete details on the IEO.

Worldwide marketplaces are welcome to become CMA blockchain nodes

CMA will be working together with the entire network, and it will form a specialized blockchain for marketplaces. The end result will make sure of a high amount of transactions verification, infinite scalable capacity, and a never powered off network.

With the help of the visual decentralized marketplace builder, anyone will be able to build their own marketplace.

CMA plans to expand its services in the US but also countries from Europe and Asia. The schedule for 2020 includes launching the TestNet of the new blockchain and the launch of the blockchain together with the swapping the CMA token to CMA coin with a highly specialized utility.

Read more details on the official CMA website.

CMA’s massive project of creating this decentralized marketplace ecosystem will open the doors for traders, holders, and contributors, supporting the mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

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