XRP Price Prediction For 2019 And 2020: A Surge For Ripple’s Coin Is Around The Corner

The crypto market is pretty bloody these days, and today, at the time of writing this article, most coins are trading in the red on CMC. XRP is no exception and Ripple’s digital asset fell as well, and it’s currently priced at $0.299574.

Bitcoin also managed to fall below $10k, and it’s now priced just a little over $9,500.

Optimistic forecast for XRP

Despite the fall in cryptos’ prices, it’s been reported that the predictions involving the price of XRP are pretty optimistic for this year.

According to more experts’ opinion, the forecast for XRP, in the long run, is also looking good.

Smartereum wrote that if the price of XRP is able to move above the $0.35 barrier again, it will also be able to get to the next resistance levels “at the $0.44, $0.46 and $0.48 positions. However, any further drop can push the price back to the support areas at the $0.25, $0.23 and $0.21 positions. The Stochastic RSI and RSI 14 indicators indicate a bearish signal.”

The publication also offered optimistic predictions for the price of XRP for 2020.

They noted that after the accumulation, the price for cryptos would rise a lot starting in the middle of 2020.

Smaretreum based their prediction on the fact that key consolidation acts as a support area, and they use the BTC activity from 2012 through 2015 chart analysis as a reference point.

New XRP-powered app to link the banking sector to crypto

WietseWind and his team are offering the very first glimpse at the company’s new banking application.

The app is called Xumm, and it has been created to allow users to hold and spend euros, dollars, XRP, and more currencies without the need of any financial institution getting involved in the process.

Wind stated that the app is designed to bridge the world of banking and cryptos.

The XRP army of fans is waiting to see all the achievements in the XRP ecosystem mirrored in the coin’s price.

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