Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announces the future launch of their cryptocurrency – Hamdan Token.

Mr Ahmad Aljariri, CEO of The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, member of the royal family of Dubai (UAE), has announced the launch of the new era cryptocurrency – Hamdan Token.

It will be an innovative and revolutionary step towards investing in robotics and artificial intelligence based on ERC 20 technology, thereby paving the way for the citizens of the UAE and GCC to make profits from the endeavor. The Hamdan Token will be comprised of unique qualities and will be used as Payment Mode, Artificial Intelligence & Investment.

Cryptocurrency has become the in-thing today with more multinational giants joining the fray into investing in this market. The prime example is that of Facebook that is going to launch its crypto token, Libra very soon in the crypto market. This move signifies that the crypto market is the emerging trend today.

The United Arab Emirates has always taken the lead in investing in innovative products on its way towards creating many records in this field. The Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not new to the UAE as the oil-rich conglomerate of nations have launched the Dubai Blockchain strategy in 2016, thereby becoming the first country in the world to introduce this technology for all Government documents by the year 2020.

CEO and Cofounder

Maintaining this trend, Office of His Highness has planned to launch the Hamdan token very soon. The primary aim of launching this cryptocurrency – Hamdan Token is to invest in AI and robotics and will spur investment in a massive way, as it will boost the market of crypto and encourage people to make profits from their investment. Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Inc has already been registered in the state of Delaware, USA and also acquired virtual currency license from USA with the domain name Hamdan token can be booked through or It will hold a PRE-ICO sale at AED 1.00 where token holders will receive a 125% bonus, thereafter ICO will be held in five phases. Upon the completion of the ICO, the token will be listed on multiple public exchanges. The price of Hamdan Token will change according to the demand and supply in the market.

Below are the ICO details:

  • Round 1 – 100%
  • Round 2 – 80%
  • Round 3 – 60%
  • Round 4 – 40%
  • Round 5 – 20%

We shall introduce the distributor and sub broker scheme for the ICO which will support the system to reach the individuals / end-users easily. As an incentive, Office of His Highness has stated that the Hamdan tokens will be given as intelligent Airdrop to all the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals on registration who invest in this endeavors a per the following table.

  • UAE NATIONALS 50 Hamdan Token
  • GCC NATIONALS 25 Hamdan Token
  • UAE RESIDENTS (Others) 5 Hamdan Token

Vision – As it is, the UAE is on its way towards surpassing the USA in the digital token sales race. Dubai is already the world leader in terms of transforming digital expertise. This offer by Office of His Highness will confirm UAE’s position as the leading investor in the crypto market. GCC nationals will get a golden opportunity to invest in the crypto market and consolidate UAE’s position as the leading investor nation in cryptocurrency.

Aim – Cryptocurrency is going to be the future of the financial market. The entire world is recognizing this fact with more multinationals joining the fray. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and robotics are the three prime areas of investment today. Firstly, this token will be used as a mean of payment and to be used online, retail shops, shopping mall. Token- based on Artificial Intelligence will help us to discover banking, finance, agriculture, healthcare, autonomous vehicles etc. Hamdan token will attain the sustainability of due to the backing of Royal Family of Dubai. The proceeds of the Hamdan token sale will go towards investing in these areas of technology, thereby ensuring a better life for people all over the world. AI and robotics have tremendous scope for development in almost all fields today.

Right from managing spacecraft to the financial market and the gaming industry to the health sector, AI has engulfed everything in its way. The D-day is not very far away when AI will equal or surpass human intelligence. It explains the substantial investment into these fields from almost every corner in the world. The ideal way to invest in AI and robotics today is through the crypto market. This Hamdan token can set the trend for other cryptocurrencies to follow suit. Hence, the Hamdan token holders stand a fantastic chance of gaining tremendously from their investment by taking the lead.

As one looks at the current trends, the Hamdan token stands a chance of securing a bumper ICO. Under such circumstances, the offer of five plus free tokens each can prove to be a tremendous opportunity to GCC nationals to further investment and gain substantial profits from the same. As far as awareness of the cryptocurrency goes, no one knows them better than the GCC nationals because of the continuous exposure to the crypto market for an extended period.

Office of His Highness has a reputation for encouraging investment in the crypto market for a long time. He understands the importance of public-private partnership to achieve these objectives. This investment in the crypto market through the Hamdan token is an opportunity that any business-minded GCC national will never afford to miss, especially with the sweetened deal of having a chance to get five Hamdan tokens from the hands of the Sheikh himself.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Invest at your own risk.

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