Dash is Now An Official BitAsset Partner and It Brings Instant Transactions to the Trading Platform

Dash is a popular digital currency for payments and it is renowned for offering a top level of security and fast transaction speeds, especially when it comes to confirmation delays. This is why the folks at BitAsset have decided to integrate Dash into their trading platform so that traders can benefit from the fastest transaction speeds. According to BitAsset, all transactions will be near-instantaneous. In addition, BitAsset is now going to offer Dash/USDT, Dash/TWD and Dash/CNYT which makes it possible for traders to use Dash as fiat for their crypto trading.

BitAsset Integrates Dash

Dash is currently the leading payments and e-commerce focused digital currency with more than 15,600 transactions per day in Q2 2019. This is quite impressive and it shows us that the cryptocurrency is rising and that it will become a solid alternative to Bitcoin in the upcoming future.

Considering the fact that Dash has been around since 2014, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the cryptocurrency is already accepted at thousands of ATMs and merchants globally. Dash is available in 90+ exchanges worldwide and the reason behind this is that Dash offers decentralized solutions to real-world problems while making all transactions instant, thus being better than cash.

The Trading Platform is Growing

Another important thing that we can take from the integration of Dash into BitAsset is the fact that the trading platform is steadily growing. BitAsset was founded in Q4 2017 with its headquarters being located in Hong Kong but now, different branches of BitAsset can be found in six other countries and regions from all over the world. This trading platform is great when it comes to cryptocurrency trading because it supports a wide range of financial products and numerous fiat currencies deposit, spot trading, index ETFs and wallet custody.

“This is big news for us and the industry as both companies continue our missions to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone across the world,” said Chase Gao, Founder of BitAsset. “We’ll continue to create new technology and offer new services to customers, as we come to the industry standard for producing a real world fiat experience for the crypto community,” added the Founder.

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