This New Show Is Going to Create Hollywood Superstars

People all over the world dream of becoming a Hollywood superstar.

For some, it’s the dazzling lights of premieres and paparazzi shots. For others, it’s the chance to showcase their acting talent. As everyone knows, Hollywood is not the easiest industry to break into.

But one particular show strives to make the road to fame a little easier to navigate. The recent Fight To Fame announcement might just be the answer to people’s prayers of making it big in Hollywood.

Fight to Fame

Former champion fighters, such as Roy Jones Jr. and Rigan Machado, the No. 1 Cage Announcer Carlos Kremer in collaboration with blockchain pros and global financial ambassadors have teamed up to create the newest path to fame for unknown talents all over the world. The aptly named Fight To Fame is a new project that invites athletes from all over the world to become contestants and fight their way to fame.

The grand idea of incorporating blockchain, professional fighters, and Hollywood into one reality show has been making a lot of buzz, for obvious reasons.

Every contestant on this reality TV show will get the chance to become Hollywood’s next big movie star, if they have what it takes to win the competition. Not only that, these fighters will be able to earn money as they go through the competition—all thanks to blockchain technology. Fight to Fame action star reality show champion series card FF Token, will allow fans of countries and regions which support cryptocurrency around the world to have the opportunity to hold.

Average Joe to Movie Star

The business model behind Fight to Fame combines blockchain, movies, and sports into one new kind of entertainment experience.

It’s a reality TV show, mainly because it gives the Average Joe the chance to become a movie star. That’s particularly enticing to people who want a clear road to success. But, competitors must keep in mind, the competition itself isn’t easy.

The reality show has four phases—the first, happening now, being application and registration.

The contest itself starts during the second phase, where contestants will have to go through qualifying rounds before moving on. These qualifying rounds will test five key aspects of being an action movie star: stage punching, stunt work, endurance/fitness training, marketing, and acting training.

The final phase of the show will task contestants to compete in three challenging assessment projects: action movie assessment, an action/specialist part, and a performance clip.

Whoever shines brightest during these assessments will earn the Championship Gold Belt and will be signed to become a movie star.

Matches will be broadcasted and shown live, so, even the contestants who don’t win, will get enough buzz from the reality show to give them a spotlight.

Fight to Fame Cryptocurrency

As blockchain is a major part of the business model, the show features its own type of cryptocurrency, FF Token. Viewers will be able to purchase tickets to exclusive events and have VIP access to various offers on the show’s online platform. From the stunts to the stories, blockchain and sports enthusiasts alike can expect a gripping new way to engage with their favorite entertainment when Fight To Fame hits TV screens.

Fight to Fame aims to be the only action star factory in Hollywood and seeks to build a new generation of world champions backed by innovative and unique blockchain technology. This is an innovation based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency creating top-level design for light assets and light assets realization, and the world’s first blockchain + sports + film business profit model, which is expected to set standards for films and events on a global scale. It is determined to change the relationship between people and events, people and movies.

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