Wordlex — Review On The Project Of Staking With 2% Profit Per Day

Hey Everyone! The List Of Has Been Replenished With  The New Product Wordlex (Official Site Wordlex.Io). The projects offers to buy its own token and earn profit with staking. we add the project among the first, when writing this feedback, the fund is in the process of being finalized – you can register right now, but main information sections will be added soon.

Some Basic Information

Launching Date20/03/2020
Token Available OnWaves.Exchange
Social MediaTelegram
Investment Amount10000 Tokens
Accepted CurrenciesWaves (Tokens Available For Buying Through Waves.Exchange)
LanguageEnglish, Russian
Min Contribution$ 1
Refer SystemAvailable
WebsiteClick Here For Visit Homepage


The company wordlex is registered in hong kong, and its main activity is developing software, scripts and products in blockchain segment. the project has own currency that has been allocated through ico — 300 million tokens have been sold in pre-sales and issuance of tokens is unlimited. as of today, the project assumes that it has finished software products such  as trade robot, faucets claimer, cashback х2.

Marketing In Wordlex Project

The essence of earning in wordldex reduces to the following: the project will accrue profit for coin holding. to earn with staking, you should buy at least 10000 tokens of wordlex. at this stage of beta-testing, you can buy through Waves.Exchange. Then Tokens Can Be Sold And Purchased Directly Through The Platform.

Depending On The Number Of Coins You Have Acquired And The Term Of Holding, You Will Get Profit Starting At 2% Per Day.

Specific Features Of Marketing:

  • To Earn Money With Staking In Wordlex, You Should Buy At Least 10000 Tokens Of The Project.
  • Price Per Coin May Be Changed, At The Date Of Launching It Will Cost 0.01 Waves Per 1 Token Of Wordlex.
  • Withdrawal Will Be Made Instantly.

Partner  Program

Cooperating under the wordlex partner program will allow you to earn interests on 5 levels in deep. the project will pay 21%-15%-10%-5%-1% from income of referrals, you have involved with your partnership link.

As the partner fee in wordlex.io is paid not from referral’s deposits, but from their income, refback has not been defined in this project. nevertheless, registration on our partnership link will allow you to get advice and deposit protection in case of force-majeure.

How To Register At The Site Wordlex.Io And Make A Deposit?

  1. For Registration You Should Click On Our Partnership Link, On The Main Page You Should Choose «Create Account«.
  2. In The Authorization Form You Should Go To «Sign Up«. Then Record Your Name And Surname, E-Mail, Password. Enter Captcha And Accept The End-User License Agreement. The Last Step Is To Click On «Sign Up«.
  3. In Waves.ExchangeYou Should Buy Tokens And Send Them To Your Wallet Address That You Can Copy In Your Personal Account In Section «My Wallet«.

Why Wordlex Coin?

We comprehend that the most ideal approach to stand out to any extend is cash. what’s more, considerably more when it’s automated revenue. we determined the most extreme conceivable pay and referral program so as to draw in however much consideration as could reasonably be expected to our items and for every client to increase positive experience from utilizing our items and acquire cash.

At wordlex.io will be a personal account with wordlex coin pos mining with 2% daily profit and 5 line referral program, also passive earnings tools that can be purchased only with wordlex coin. we have marketing for 5 years. and this will not be the end, because we are constantly in search of new ideas and solutions for making money.

Wordlex: feedback and our conclusion

Wordlex is a project with its own token that offers the members to earn with staking. we leant about the project before launching, as this platform is challenging and quite prospective, we decided to join with other first members. the specific project’s feature is that its token is not just inner currency, but real digital money traded through waves.exchange. furthermore, it can be easily checked in blockchain that 300 millions of tokens have been sold in pre-sales.

The project is focused on further growth and operated in beta regime. further, the fund will be improved, in particular, more information will be added and selling and buying of coins will be available not only through the exchange, but also through the personal account. we can see that the administration is ready for serious work, there is a certain road map available which founders of wordlex will follow and develop their fund. as the founders take after stable coin that is directly adhered to their profit, it is additionally evidencing of future prospects of this platform. according to the admin, scam of wordlex is possible if all members sell their coins at the same time. as for promotion, it will be at the end of march, and global international promotion is further expected.

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