Blockchain data: Ethereum’s (YFI) has room to rally after record rally

Even amid the ongoing Bitcoin and Ethereum correction, which has brought the two cryptocurrencies down 11 percent and 19 percent from their local highs, respectively, (YFI) has held up well.

The native governance token of the protocol, one of the largest in the DeFi space, is up three percent in the past 24 hours as per CryptoSlate data. The Ethereum-based crypto is now pushing $33,000.

Chart of YFI’s price action over the past day. Source: YFI/USD chart from

The coin is poised to extend higher due to fundamentals and on-chain trends according to a recent analysis by Santiment, a blockchain analytics firm.

Santiment: YFI could continue to push higher after a record-setting rally

YFI may be poised to move higher, even as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are crushing by a falling stock market and a rising U.S. dollar.

Santiment reported on Sep. 2 that the asset is poised to continue its move higher due to a confluence of three on-chain and sentiment trends:

  • YFI is being deposited into Aave’s lending pool, suggesting that investors are “confident that YFI will rise in the long run.”
  • Social volume has continued to trend higher as the price has dropped.
  • YFI is being withdrawn from crypto exchanges, decreasing the supply available to fill market demand.

Others agree with the sentiment that YFI will continue its ascent in the days and weeks ahead.

Economist and cryptocurrency trader Alex Kruger noted that the release of’s yETH Vault will catalyze an influx of investment into both ETH and YFI. The Vault is a product that allows investors to obtain a yield on their ETH deposits, thereby making Ethereum a productive asset.

The reason why this will generate buying demand for YFI is because the protocol charges users of the vault a performance and withdrawal fee. Those fees are then pooled and distributed to holders of the YFI coin, effectively making the coin a dividend-yielding one. 

All eyes on the DeFi space

It’s important to note that in a sense, YFI is just a proxy for investing in the rest of the DeFi space; if decentralized finance loses steam and yields drop, YFI will drop as it will collect fewer fees for holders of the coin.

Thus, it’s important to analyze the rest of the trajectory of the DeFi market when investing in YFI.

Fortunately, a trend of growth is seemingly intact as capital, users, developers, and innovation continue to trickle into this segment of the crypto and blockchain market.

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