Bitcoin Loan Platforms You Should Try

Since traditional banking is getting outdated for modern ideologies, cryptocurrency platforms turn things around. Apart from the popular Bitcoin trading, investors can now get a bitcoin loan from a reputable platform. To qualify for a BTC loan, you need to have digital assets, which are often used as collateral. But the good thing is that you do not need a credit score to enjoy a loan.

So, are you interested in getting a bitcoin loan to boost your digital assets investment or business? The best start point is to know the platforms available to apply for an instant crypto loan. Here are some of the best you should try.


A good crypto investment includes borrowing to grow digital assets. At CoinLoan, you get an opportunity not just to borrow, but also to trade and manage your digital assets. If your interest is in borrowing, open an account with the platform and borrow cash using Bitcoin as collateral.

They have a crypto loan calculator to help you understand everything. This includes the 4% interest, 20% LTV, and repayment amount. Because it is a transparent platform, even beginners can maneuver without the need for help.


It is quite simple to get a bitcoin loan on YouHodler, especially if you are not new to the platform. Likewise, the platform has a loan calculator to guide you on what you will get and how you will pay. The bitcoin loan on this platform has a high LTV of up to 90% if you are repaying in a few days and an affordable interest rate.

Bitcoin is needed as collateral to get your loan in USD. So, if you are new to the platform, start by opening an account and depositing the right amount of collateral. They also accept other coins as collateral and you should check their website.


Again, this platform has an online crypto loan calculator to help you find the amount you will get for your Bitcoin. Thus, it is called a bitcoin loan. Their loan is secure, fast, and affordable as you will see on the calculator. Just like the other platforms, the start point is opening an account on the platform and depositing BTC that you intend to use as collateral.

According to their website, one BTC will warrant you a loan of about $25,000. So, there is no need to stop your businesses because of the lack of funds when you have this option.


You have probably heard about the Celcius bitcoin loan with a 1% APR. This is very affordable when compared to traditional bank loans. The good thing is that they accept BTC as the collateral and a loan calculator will help you go through this. According to their website, the platform is among the most affordable in the industry. It is possible to refinance your loan, which is a rare product in crypto lending platforms. So, take advantage of this platform now.

The above four platforms provide more than enough options for any crypto investor who wants to expand their digital investment. You can try them because they promise asset security and fast loans.

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