Ethereum Sees Exploding Price Prediction – ETH Could Surpass $50k

It’s been just revealed that ETH could explode in price. Check out the latest reports about this below.

ETH price prediciton is out

VanEck, an investment management firm with a good reputation, suggests that Ethereum (ETH) could achieve a value of $51,000 in the next seven years, but only if specific conditions are met.

VanEck recently released a research report detailing their projections for Ethereum’s growth over the next ten years. The report includes their base, bear, and bull scenarios.

VanEck explains its methodology in finding its estimates:

“We base these estimates on the thesis that Ethereum becomes the dominant open-source global settlement network that hosts substantial portions of the commercial activity of business sectors with the highest potential to gain from moving their business functions to public blockchains.”

The notes continued and stated the following:

“In a portfolio of similar smart contract platforms, we assume to own a collection of call options, with the dominant platform likely to take a majority market share.”

VanEck has warned that if Ethereum’s supremacy as a settlement system or smart contract platform declines to just 15%, it could lead to a significant drop in its value. Their bearish outlook suggests that Ethereum may plummet to $343.29 by 2030.

In other recent crypto news, during an interview with Kitco News, a prominent Bitcoin (BTC) advocate expressed their belief that the banking industry will oppose the introduction of a CBDC, seeing it as a threat to their control over the financial sector.

“The CBDC would be an example of disintermediating all the banks starting with the big banks down all the banks and then what is their business? So I think that there will be alarmists that will say, ‘The CBDC is coming, get ready.’”

According to Saylor, the outlook for USD-backed stablecoins is not promising.

He believes that introducing a stablecoin as a digital currency could be seen as a challenge to political institutions’ power, making it unlikely to happen.

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