7 Banks, Including Fed, Talk About The CDBC Implementation Nightmare

It’s been just reported that the CDBCs are in the spotlight again. Check out the latest reports about this and find out which banks are planning to implement the central bank digital assets.

CBDCs are on their way to the US

A recent paper about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) was a collaborative effort by several international groups, such as the Fed, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, and the Bank of England.

The paper covers various aspects like the potential implementation and policy questions surrounding CBDCs. This is the latest addition to a series of reports that date back to 2020.

“Some of the members of this group are approaching a point where they may decide on whether or not to move to the next stage of their CBDC work,” the paper said.

The notes continued and revealed the following:

“This may include deeper investment in design decisions relating to technology, end user preferences and business models, while leaving open the decision on whether to issue CBDC.”

Back in February, the Bank of England released a paper exploring the possibility of a digital currency. However, the bank stated that the necessary infrastructure would require a level of commitment that it is not currently prepared to make.

Canada has initiated discussions regarding CBDCs and has sought public opinion on the possibility of a digital dollar. However, like the BOE, it has revealed that it is currently not ready to introduce such a system.

“Legislators and authorities will need to remain engaged as work on CBDC progresses. The development of solutions to some of the outstanding legal issues related to CBDC will largely be a matter of national law and will tend to be highly dependent on policy choices and the design of a CBDC,” the paper stated.

To get more comprehensive information, we recommend referring to the original article published by Blockworks.

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