Bitcoin Has Really Strong Fundamentals, Latest Predictions Claim

Bitcoin is surrounded by really great prediciotns regarding the king coin’s price, according to the latest reports. Check out the new optimistic vision about the price of BTC below.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $26,516.

Bitcoin new price prediction is out

As the online publication the Daily Hodl notes, there is a popular crypto analyst thinks Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has not caught up with its “out-of-control” fundamentals yet.

In a new YouTube video, the anonymous host of InvestAnswers said recently that Bitcoin’s fundamental metrics are all going up except for BTC’s supply on exchanges, which is going down.

Large amounts of Bitcoin are outflowing from exchanges. According to the analyst, this is a definitive sign that can indicate a bullish period as deep-pocketed investors accumulate the top digital asset.

Bitcoin price could explode by 75%

Crypto analyst Jason Pizzino claims that Bitcoin (BTC) could surge after it rises above a key resistance zone.

In an interview on the David Lin Report, the analyst explained that Bitcoin is facing major resistance at between the $28,000 to $32,000 level.

According to Pizzino, Bitcoin could surge by nearly 80% from the current price when it breaches the major resistance zone.

“So $28,500 to around $32,000 is going to be a key level for Bitcoin to overcome. I suspect when it does, you will start to see less of the bears and more of the bulls.”

He continued and said the following:

“Basically comments from people saying that this thing has to go lower and we’re going to see new cycle lows… That will become less and less once we overcome this key, you know, crossing here between $28,000 and $32,000. There’s just nothing left for them once it overcomes this level. They will be then looking towards $48,000 as the next level. And, of course, the all-time highs.”


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