Solana’s Android Phone is Web3-Based

A lot of people don’t realize the huge potential that a Web3 smartphone can have. Such a device is able to provide users access to services that were built using blockchain technologies.

Solana Saga is the new Android smartphone that’s based on Web3. People can start ordering it on May 8, which means less than a month from now, according to Decrypt.


The phone is big and heavy, and it clearly has some attractive features that make you possibly willing to buy it. The gadget features a large display that will be able to display many of your favorite content in grand style. That’s because the display is an AMOLED type measuring 6.67 inches and having a refresh rate of 120Hz. With such specs, we can realistically assume that the phone is capable of displaying high-end gaming without much hardware effort.

Those who were willing to see an USB-C connection on the Solana Saga won’t be disappointed, as the device clearly qualifies for such a feature. The connection is even faster than expected.

Let’s face it: everybody likes to see some impressive battery power on a smartphone, and that’s also the case for the new Solana Saga. This new phone doesn’t disappoint in this area either, as it features a 4,110mAh battery. With that kind of battery, you can surely use the phone for a whole day without having to worry of running out of juice, as long as you don’t put the phone on very demanding tasks.

The new Solana Saga Web3-based Android smartphone clearly doesn’t come cheap, as it was realistically expected by many. If you want to have one in your pocket, you’ll need to spend about $1,000.

How impressed are you by the new Solana Saga Web3 smartphone? Feel free to tell us in the comment section below! We’re eager to read your opinion!


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