Dash (DASH) – The Coin that takes the World by Surprise, High in Venezuela and Africa markets

Dash (DASH) didn’t have a particularly good month behind it. This coin started July while having the monthly high of 332.97 USD/0.04324310 BTC. Slowly but surely, this token started to lose track and began to peter off into the red in the next month. By July 31st the coin has reached its monthly low of 216.85 USD/0.02806170 BTC and apparently, the month of August displayed a downward pattern as well.

How is the current status?

Recently the BTC’s weakness caused Dash to benefit from a strong drop-off. Right now, a Dash coin is worth $157.87 USD (benefiting from a rise of 6.07% in the last 24 hours)/ 0.02455123 BTC (4.76% rise in the last 24 hours).

The daily trade volume that this token has is about 20,863 BTC, the majority of which is traded on ZB.com (40%) and Coinsuper (17.60%). Currently, Dash is the 13th most prized on the cryptocurrency market, having a market cap of 1,240,196,202 USD.

How do the traders feel?

Well, there are some that have noticed a downward tendency on the graph, by testing its resistance levels at 0.047 BTC, after which they made this prediction. Others, however, aren’t too positive about the short-term future of Dash.

Dashing through the market

Recently, the coin became pretty active. A few days ago, the people from Dash Core Group Inc. chose Youtube to present their quarterly community presentation. This event allowed them to show the progress made by the token and their project during the second quarter of 2018 and they even answered some of the community’s questions.

In the presentation there was also a release of the revised project roadmap through which the team showed their plans to release the 12.4, ‘Pre-Evolution’ version software upgrade and this will happen by the end of Q3 of 2018.

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