Ripple’s Swell Event And The Launch of xRapid Could Trigger A Surge In XRP’s Price

Ripple’s Swell event begins today, and it brings some highly significant names that will be attending it. It’s set to take place today, October 1 and tomorrow.

Crypto enthusiasts have been expecting to see a change in XRP’s price after the event, but this remains to be seen.

Ripple’s Swell event brings customers together

Ripple’s event aims to bring customers together, and the whole community is excited while looking forward to another surge in XRP’s price.

“The biggest highlight of the event is that the 42nd President of the U.S. Bill Clinton will be one of the speakers.

Other significant names include Ross Leckow, the Deputy General Counsel at IMF, Ben Lawsky, the former Superintendent of Financial Services for New York, Richard Teng, CEO, Abu Dhabi Global Market, Michael S. Didiuk and more,” Oracle Times reported.

Santander, Ripple’s partner, and customer will also share details about its very first mobile app launch which is targeted at international payments.

More of Ripple’s customers such as Siam Commercial, TransferGo and Remitr will share interesting insights.

Ripple’s Swell event is important for the whole crypto space

The event will be focused on Ripple’s customers, their experience using Ripple’s tech and products.

Considering the essential names that will be attending the event, it’s set to have a massive importance for the whole crypto community.

xRapid, Ripple’s product that is using XRP is also going to be launched, and this could happen this month, according to an official at Ripple.

It’s very likely that both the Swell event and the launch of xRapid could trigger a price surge in XRP.

Ripple has also recently launched a new feature for RippleNet which is known as multi-hop payments, and through it, Ripple will be able to combat the inefficient management of liquidity at a global level.

We can’t wait to see how XRP price moves these days.

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