Binance Is Hit By A Tech Issue That Doesn’t Allow Some API Users To See Orders, Says Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao announced on his Twitter account that Binance is experiencing something that he calls a standard tech issue.

On October 18th at 10:32 pm, Zhao tweeted that the exchange experienced a problem after a DB failover, reports Oracle Times.

Zhao explained that some API users would not be able to see their orders correctly.

He continued and said that an engine restart was required in order to fix this tech issue and as a result, the trading would be halt for about an hour.

Binance users accuse the exchange and Customer Support responds

Binance users were upset and blamed the exchange of being unprofessional. Someone believes that Binance should stop giving API access for a while to be “less untrustworthy.”

The user also said that they liquidated some positions. Oracle Times reported that another person said that

“This is fintech and absolutely should never ever be out of service. You charge clients and don’t deliver.  What does #binance not understand about 100% reliability? 97% is not good enough, no excuses with the amount of profit you are scooping up every day.”

When a user blasted Binance about this unplanned tech work, Binance Customer Support responded:

Binance changed its listing policy

In other news, Binance was in the spotlight just recently again after announcing that all listing fees become transparent and they would be donated to charity.

“Starting immediately, and going forward, we will make all listing fees transparent and donate 100% of them to charity.”

It seems that “Binance will continue to use the same high standard for the listing review process. A large donation does not guarantee or in any way influence the outcome of our listing review process,” Binance notes.

This change will support even more Binance’s charity initiatives and increase the use of blockchain for the “greater good,” the blog post reveals.

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