Binance Is Ranked First In Exchange Rankings Report Released By The Blockchain Transparency Institute

Binance is reportedly the number one spot in global crypto exchange rankings that have been released by the Blockchain Transparency Institute.

Their ranking chart brings exciting insights into the number of Binance users and trading volumes as well.

More than that, their report also provides a glimpse into the performance of some other significant exchanges in the crypto space.

Binance surpassed highly important competitors

These competitors include OKEs, and Huobi and Binance exceeded them in terms of trading volume, a number of active users, web visitors and also API volume.

The 24-hour volume at Binance tops over $1 billion with more than 160,000 24-hour web users. The immediate competitor OKEx is still far behind with just $700 million daily volume and just 30,000 daily users.

There has been a great effort of legitimizing the crypto market and important exchanges such as Binance and more are currently requesting high fees for listings, fees which are somewhere in the range of 5 BTC and 60 BTC, which is definitely a lot.

But, on the other hand, such steps could lead to a decline in the number of all kinds of suspicions that have been floating in the crypto space.

Binance launched a charity foundation

Binance is established in the crypto-friendly state of Malta. The exchange has been making considerable efforts to foster crypto adoption, and it has been open to list new crypto tokens to the platform.

For instance, last month, Binance worked towards adding new stablecoins to source further liquidity in the crypto market.

The exchange has also been involved in charity, and they launched their very own Blockchain Charity Foundation to promote blockchain-related activities.

The foundation is working to reduce the anomalies of listing fees for new crypto tokens. Only during the past month, the exchange started donating all of its listing fees to its charity branch.

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