Tron (TRX) Gets Listed As One Of The Three Potential 3rd Generation Cryptos To Succeed – TRX Surpasses 1 Million Daily Transactions

Tron (TRX) and its founder Justin Sun have been celebrating an endless list of successes lately.

The latest one is the fact that TRX just hit an important milestone as recent statistics confirmed that Tron managed to surpass more well-established projects.

Surpassing 1 million daily transactions

Tron managed to exceed 1 million transactions per day, and this is quite a significant achievement. Network constraints limit the number of potential transactions that take place on a daily basis, and Tron pushed these limits.

A few weeks ago, Justin Sun was proudly announcing the crypto community that Tron managed to surpass 500,000 daily transactions. It’s incredible that in just a short time, Tron was able to reach 1million daily transactions.

Now, Ethereum which is a more mature project is used only half as often as Tron.

Justin Sun has been flaunting this comparison between Tron and Ethereum for a while, praising his own project.

Causes that led to Tron’s latest achievements

More factors boost this remarkable growth of Tron’s ecosystem and one, of the most essential ones is the fact that Tron dApps generated an extended number of transactions.

The top apps involve betting and gambling which have become two of the most popular use cases among the crypto space.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Tron transactions fees are really low compared to the ones of other coins, and the average is $0.02.

Over the past weeks, the number of network addresses has also been growing.

An increase from 525,000 to 567,237 addresses has been recorded by TronScan.

TRX, a coin set to succeed in the long-term

“TRON is also forging ahead in its bid to build the infrastructure to become a truly decentralized Internet, having recently acquired the famous Torrenting client, BitTorrent and currently incorporating TRX payments within the network to incentivize users,” notes.

The website also highlighted that fact that “this effort to connect Torrenting and Blockchain is a promising step towards web decentralization and mass adoption.”

The other two cryptos that are seen as successful the long-term and XRP and ADA.

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