Binance Attracts Institutional Investors’ Interest With Professional Services And Products

Cryptos are on their way to the next stage which is becoming a mature sector in the whole financial area. This means more institutional interest.

Binance is targeting institutional investors, and the platform is trying to lure them with professional products are services.

Major moves by Binance

Binance had quite an impressive year, and the exchange continues to succeed. For instance, the venture into Uganda has been really well documented, and there is also the move to Malta worth mentioning because of the more favorable regulatory measures there.

Malta is probably the most open-minded location for crypto and the blockchain tech.

As we said, Binance plans to cater to professional traders these days, and as a result, the exchange is developing new services for institutional-grade investors.

By developing various products, Binance aims to gain a more competitive edge. Some of the upcoming features have been highlighted in the latest reports.

One of the most exciting ones is definitely support for sub-accounts. Any transfer between sub-accounts will occur without fees, and such an improvement will turn out crucial for institutional investors.

Binance is making strategic decisions

Institutional investors represent a more difficult group to work with, but Binance is making all the necessary strategic decisions to succeed. They continue to expand at a global scale and a really aggressive pace.

Singapore is the next location of interest for Binance, and with the help of Vertex Ventures, a new fiat-to-crypto trading platform will be established.

Over the last month, Binance’s trading volume dropped by 50% to $494 million, according to Ethereum World News.

The platform fell behind OKEx which became the largest crypto exchange in the market by trading volume. Changpeng Zhao is not worried at all, highlighting that business is still going great.

Closing words

Binance is definitely helping in paving the way for a brighter future for cryptos and the blockchain tech, and together with Bakkt, they might just open the door to a plethora of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts.

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