Coinbase Adds Unidirectional PayPal Option That Allows Users To Withdraw Funds To Their PayPal Accounts

Coinbase has been working hard recently in order to expand its reach to more customers.

They had recently opened a new office in New York, and they are looking to hire about 100 new employees. After that, the exchange’s operations also reached Dublin, in an effort to expand the platform’s services.

It seems that the exchange’s user base in the European Union has been growing continually and the latest reports claim that the number of EU customers managed to surpass the number of any other market so far.

Coinbase adds PayPal account

Now, Coinbase added a brand new option to the exchange, but without making a big announcement out of it. This free update allows users to withdraw their crypto funds in fiat to their PayPal accounts.

Instead of making the official announcement on Twitter or Medium, the exchange has simply sent email to viable customers would get the change to enjoy the new option.

They also added a FAQ page on the official website regarding the new PayPal option.

Local wallets are available for USD, EUR, and GBP

Oracle Times reports that “The option is available only to a small number of users in the US, EU, and Canada. Local wallet services are available only for USD, EUR, and GBP users but it seems that AUD or CAD may also be added to the wallets soon.”

More than that, Canadians and Australians will not be able to withdraw straight to their PayPal account, what they can do instead is sell their crypto to AUD and CAD, and this is great because the option was not available until now.

Before people can enjoy the new feature, they will have to complete all ID verification steps and they must wait for an email that’s confirming the option.

Moving their funds will be a unidirectional option which means that users can only withdraw to their PayPal accounts and not the other way around.

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