PayPal Quietly Launched An Internal Crypto Platform Designed To Teach Employees About Digital Assets

PayPal has reportedly launched a new internal crypto platform that’s designed to teach its employees all they have to know about the digital assets and the blockchain tech.

PayPal employees can earn crypto

Cheddar reported that the blockchain-based platform would allow PayPal employees to acquire digital assets by engaging in the company’s initiatives.

“Employees can access their tokens through the company’s internal website and continue earning more by participating in innovation-related programs and contributing ideas. The tokens, which hold no value outside of PayPal’s walls, are also tradable among employees with each transaction being posted to, effectively, a ‘public ledger.’” Cheddar writes.

The continue and report that “…PayPal’s tokens are redeemable for more than 100 ‘experiences’ offered on the platform, including poker tournaments with a couple of their vice presidents, a trail run and coffee with CFO John Rainey, and morning martial arts with CEO Dan Schulman. Gabrielle Scheibe Rabinovitch, the company’s head of investor relations, has offered to let employees borrow her dog for a day, Todasco said.”

Coinbase added a PayPal option

PayPal was in the spotlight recently again when Coinbase announced a brand new unidirectional PayPal option.

They added a brand new option to the exchange, but without making a big announcement out of it. This free update allows users to withdraw their crypto funds in fiat to their PayPal accounts.

Instead of making the official announcement on Twitter or Medium, the exchange has simply sent email to viable customers would get the change to enjoy the new option.

They also added a FAQ page on the official website regarding the new PayPal option.

Oracle Times reports that “The option is available only to a small number of users in the US, EU, and Canada. Local wallet services are available only for USD, EUR, and GBP users but it seems that AUD or CAD may also be added to the wallets soon.”

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