Ripple’s VP Of Product Management Addresses XRP’s Price, xRapid And More

Ripple doesn’t seem too bothered about the fall of the cryptomarkets and XRP’s price as well.

They don’t see volatility as a significant problem in the way of their developments, and the company is looking at things in the long run. This is according to VP of Product Management Asheesh Birla.

He was recently interviewed by PCMag, and he detailed Ripple’s work in the blockchain tech and his views on crypto at the end of 2018.

XRP’s price and Ripple

As you may already know, Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum’s ETH have battled for the second position in the crypto market, and this position is currently taken by XRP.

PCMag asked Birla is the volatility of the crypto market is making any difference for Ripple’s daily operations and here’s what he answered: “We take a longer-term view of the entire market.”

He also said that price was not a factor even when cryptos were almost worthless back in 2013 and things are the same now as well.

He made sure to highlight that he’s not shocked by the fall of the crypto market in 2018 and he even believes that this could help in taking out of the game the players who haven’t been focused on solving real issues.

Birla said that the blockchain tech should be focused on solving real problems of the world and if it doesn’t do this, it’sd completely worthless.

Ripple and XRP’s future

Birla hopes that the number of companies interested in working with Ripple and adopting XRP will increase.

He said “I would look at a lot of the companies building apps on top of XRP. Ripple is one company with cross-border payments. Coil is another company building on top of the XRP ledger going after micropayments. It’s a technology that goes through the browser, and then you go to different websites to automatically pay for streaming content. Omni is another company building on top of the XRP ledger operating to use XRP for renting and storage.”

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