VeChain And Safe Haven Plan To Transform Cyprus Digitally

VeChain has been in the spotlight a lot during 2018, and it saw a lot of important achievements.

Some of the latest ones include the fact that VeChain has teamed up with BYD to develop a Carbon Ecosystem after the insurer PICC became part of the VeChain (VET) ecosystem with the recent deal between the two parties.

VeChain also launched its VeChainThor MainNet v1.0.2, while VeChain (VET) has surged by over 200% in under a month since bulls first began racing in the VET market in August.

Safe Haven teams up with VeChain

Safe Haven is a partner of Vechain Foundation, and they are using the VeChainThor Blockchain network (VET). Now, they revealed that they have the chance to present the solution that they have to offer together with VeChain to the Cyprus SEC in order to morph the country digitally.

It’s also important to note that Safe Haven received the opportunity to apply for the innovation hub in Cyprus. If access is granted, the two companies will be assisted in spreading their reach within the country.

The Ecosystem Ambassador of VeChain (VET), Dimitrios Neocleous, said that Vechain and Safe Haven were both in Cyprus to discuss the digital transformation of the island.

A payment gateway solution will be launched in 2019

He made sure to highlight the fact that the fruits of this discussion will be reaped in 2019 via the launch of a payment gateway solution by the two companies.

Safe Haven also said that they were able to exhibit the tech to “one of the big four in the country” KPMG.

KPMG was built back in 1948, and it’s a global network of professional services that provides audit, tax and advisory services in Cyprus and more locations.

Safe Haven also revealed that “We are proud to announce the full support by @InvestCyprus and the National Chief Scientist who is responsible for the national strategy for research and innovation in Cyprus.”

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