Ethereum (ETH) Could Reportedly Surpass $1,400 This Year

First of all, the Ethereum Foundation was hit by trouble, and they’re not able to go on with their Constantinople fork tomorrow as planned. They revealed that the fork has to be delayed due to some issues that have been identified by ChainSecurity.

Delaying the Constantinople fork

Ethereum is currently investigating the potential vulnerabilities with extreme caution, and they revealed that the best choice at the moment, considering what happened is “to delay the planned Constantinople fork that would have occurred at block 7,080,000 on January 16th, 2019.”

Oracle Times reported that this would require anyone who is running a node (node operators, exchanges, miners, wallet services, etc.) to update to a new version of Geth or Parity before block 7,080,000.

“Block 7,080,000 will occur in about 32 hours from the time of the Foundation’s notice or at approximately January 16th, 8:00 pm PT / January 16th, 11:00 pm ET / January 17th, 4:00 am GMT,” the online publication notes.

ETH price prediction for this year

2019 seems to be a favorable year for ETH according to the latest predictions coming from various crypto experts. These have been detailed by CoinSwitch, and we’ll be addressing a few.

For starters, Joseph Lubin, the co-creator of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys has recently tweeted that the lower price of ETH is not a problem these days because the ETH adoption rate is not dropping at the moment and that’s what really matters.

More crypto experts have been highlighting the fact that price drops should not worry holders and potential investors, because the crypto game is a long-term one and we should not be looking only at coins’ prices.

“Joseph Raczynski predicts that the value of Ethereum might reach $1200 by the end of 2019,”  CoinSwitch writes. He is the founder of Joe and a blockchain enthusiast.

Another prediction comes from Ian McLeod who predicted that ETH might reach more than $500 by the end of 2019.

Nigel Green, on the other hand, believes that could reach more than $2,500 this year. You can see all the price predictions that the magazine mentions here.

As a conclusion, the online publication believes that ETH could definitely hit about $1,400 by the end of 2019.

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