Six Mind-Blowing Crypto Predictions For 2019: BTC To Reach $200K, ETH To Drop To $1, NASDAQ To Buy Binance And More

After a bullish 2017, 2018 came to crush our crypto hopes and dreams with its bearish trend that took over the market for the entire year.

Not to mention the horrible fall of all the cryptos towards the end of the year.

Everyone’s wondering what we can expect from 2019 while we keep our fingers crossed for the best.

At the end of 2018, the co-founder and managing partner at ICOBox, Daria Generalova shared six of the most far-fetched crypto market scenarios that could be happening this year.

As insane as they may seem at first glance, she offers some pretty viable explanations for which all these might happen in such an unpredictable market.

NASDAQ to take over Binance

NASDAQ is expected to launch their crypto platform as soon as the US CFTC grants approval. According to ICOBox, the purchasing of Binance is not a sci-fi scenario, and this would benefit both parties involved.

Countries will be launching their own crypto

According to the ICOBox, the US economy will be soon going downhill, and with the recession around the corner, there will be many countries which will be digitizing their money.

ETH drops to $1

After the horror ending of 2018 which ICOBox calls the “nuclear winter” which triggered a 70% fall in the market cap, ETH is slated to lose more value and even reach $1.

BTC, the only digital asset to be mined

The global crypto crash triggered a collapse in the mining industry and ICOBox said that this year “Bitcoin will remain the only profitable currency to mine out of the top 50 tracked by CoinMarketCap.”

Central banks to convert 20% of reserves to BTC and BTC to reach $200k

There’s a new gold price crash ion the way similar to the one in 2008-2009, according to the predictions, and this will force banks to find some new alternatives.

As expected, they’ll choose Bitcoin and convert 20% of their reserves to BTC which will result in a price surge to $200k for BTC.

STOs will carve a 10% share of the securities market to themselves

“All signs point to 2019 becoming a year of STOs (Security Token Offerings), which will replace the now-obsolete ICOs,” ICOBox shares and continues to explain: “considering the growing interest of major multinationals in security tokens (and our own interest in extraordinary and improbable scenarios!), there is a chance that STOs will carve for themselves 10% of the securities market.”

You can check out more details on this exciting crypto odyssey for 2019 here.

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