NASDAQ Pushes And Supports Crypto And Blockchain Mass Adoption With The Latest Move

NASDAQ proved that it’s supporting crypto and the blockchain revolutions for quite a while now.

After the bearish 2018 which left the crypto market without a large part of its total market cap, there have been all kinds of predictions about Bitcoin and digital assets’ prices and the overall future of crypto and the blockchain technology.

The latest crypto predictions coming from massively relevant names in the finance world are also triggering a lot of excitement and high expectations among the crypto community members.

NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman shared a post on LinkedIn in which she’s explaining that crypto and Bitcoin are mind-blowing innovations that truly deserve to be a part of the global economy shortly.

NASDAQ supports crypto adoption

NASDAQ latest move only comes to show that they are still promoting the mass adoption of crypto and especially the blockchain technology.

NASDAQ just invested a massive amount of money to finance a startup that develops Enterprise blockchain solutions.

An official press release reveals that Symbiont has successfully closed a $20 million Series funding round.

Nasdaq Ventures was leading the round that included more significant names which were involved such as Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital, Citi and Raptor Group among others.

2019, a thriving year for crypto

The money will be used in order to support the development of Assembly – a blockchain platform that’s been created by the company in order to support Smart contracts and tokenization solutions.

“Our anchor partners like Vanguard, Lewis Ranieri, and Nasdaq will benefit from developing new distributed applications on Assembly, our enterprise blockchain and smart contract platform. Assembly provides the opportunity for new participants to enter the digital asset market and offers existing participants a superior infrastructure on which to build the future of financial markets,” Symbiont CEO and Co-founder Mark Smith said.

NASDAQ CEO recently said that 2019 would be a prolific year for Bitcoin and crypto especially with the help of institutional investors and more transparent regulation.

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