XRP’s Price Expected To Rise After Binance’s Announcement Involving A Ripple Partnership

Ripple and XRP enthusiasts were happy to see that their favorite company and digital asset are praised by a really important name in the crypto space.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao just revealed that the crypto exchange would be teaming up with Ripple in order to boost the XRP-powered product xRapid.

He also said that they have not yet discussed the necessary details for this partnership, but this is definitely in the cards for the two companies.

At the moment, Binance plans to remain focused on launching the Binance Chain and its forthcoming decentralized exchange Binance DEX.

CZ explained that “We’re focused on launching more features right now, so we are working with a number of other partners. With xRapid, there’s nothing going on right now, but in the future, we’ll definitely want to add them as a partner.”

Promoting xRapid will boost the price of XRP

xRapid is probably Ripple’s most important product, and it’s also powered by the digital asset XRP.

UToday wrote that if the Binance-Ripple partnership will happen this will be boosing XRP’s price because “Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of sway in the ecosystem; thus, many would see it legitimizing XRP somewhat.”

Binance could reportedly allow greater input from the community, and this will increase the level od decentralization for Ripple.

After being slammed for quite a while with accusations regarding centralization, this would definitely come in handy.

Ripple’s latest achievements

Ripple has been flaunting more important achievements lately.

The crypto platform Abra revealed that it brings XRP to people from 155 countries and hey will be offering crypto enthusiasts and not only to buy fractions of high-priced shares such as Amazon, Netflix or Facebook and also exchange-traded funds with Ripple’s digital asset XRP.

More than that, Ripple also revealed 11 new partnerships with famous universities across the world.

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