Use Ripple’s XRP With Crypto Visa Card In More Than 40 Million Locations Worldwide

Crypto mass adoption is definitely on its way despite the fluctuations in the digital assets’ prices.

Crypto experts have predicted that this year will mark the mainstream adoption of digital coins, and by the look of things they might just be right.

The Ripple and XRP community will be pleased to find out that the mobile crypto app Spend just added support for XRP and this will offer people the ability to store the coin and spend it via Visa’s debit card.

Spend crypto app adds support for Tron, XRP and more coins

The app supports 180 countries, and it is also available in the US. They have been adding more and more digital coins at a really fast pace and this month, XRP, Tron, EOS, Binance Coin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are on board as well.

Now, Send is only available on iOS. It was also available on Android, but developers pulled the app out of the Google Play Store due to some performance issues.

Twitter users are excited following the news

Send’s announcement on Twitter that they will add support for XRP and more coins triggered tons of enthusiasm among users who made sure to show that they’re excited with the news.

Here’s the official announcement: “#XRP is now available on the #SpendApp. Buy/Sell $XRP with your bank account. Exchange XRP with all supported assets. Spend XRP at 40+ million locations with the Spend Wallet by instantly converting to fiat on the #Spend Visa Card!@Ripple @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @JoelKatz”

.”Our Spend Cards are available to users who reside in the United States!  Download the Spend App on your iOS device and upgrade your Tier to Level 2 from the Profile tab to order your card!  Thanks very much! #HappySpending,” the company said.

They also explained that “When using the card, it converts on the fly.  All you have to do is activate the asset and swipe!  The Spend Authorization Engine converts to local fiat currency before loading on the network. ?”

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