3 Bitcoin Storage Security Tips For New Investors In 2019

2018 has been a year in which the bearish trends have taken over the crypto market, but 2019 is expected to be more successful.

There are already a lot of moves that are being made in the crypto space, and they all seem to point out the same thing: that crypto mass adoption is on its way.

This is probably the main reason for which more investors will be attracted to finally have a bite of crypto and enter the crypto space. With security threats also on the rise, it’s vital to be aware of how you can best store your crypto.

Here are three essential tips for making sure that your digital assets will remain secure.

Use your own wallet

Storing crypto in an exchange might not be too safe these days.

Crypto exchanges are basically “centralizing a decentralized tech product. If your exchange wallet is compromised in any way, you may lose its entire value and never get that value returned to you,” Bitcoinexchangeguide notes.


The same online publication also addresses the vital issue of passwords.

Even if it might not seem safe to write your password down on a piece of paper, saving it in a computer might be an even worse idea these days considering the hacks which are on the rise.

The online publication advises you to split up your password into more pieces and keep them safe in separate areas in both digital and physical form.

Don’t ever carry your password

If someone gets their hand on your password, your wallet can be compromised or stolen, and things would end up badly.

Another suggestion that the crypto magazine has is to store the password in a safety deposit box at a bank.

With hacking becoming a rising crime it’s vital these days to make sure that your Bitcoin and crypto stays safe.

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