Google Boosts Bitcoin Mass Adoption And Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Might Change The Crypto Space Today

The mainstream crypto adoption gets support these days from various more or less expected huge names. The latest significant ones are Google and Samsung.

Google supports Bitcoin adoption

Google is definitely showing strong signs of being supportive of the mainstream Bitcoin adoption.

Google’s iOS keyboard just added a new symbol for the Bitcoin digital asset, as reported by Oracle Times.

From now on, users can quickly type in Bitcoin’s iconic “B,” and in order to find this new feature, they’ll have to make sure that they have the Gboard app installed instead of the default Apple keyboard.

After the Gboard is up and running all you have to do is press and hold the dollar sign, the Daily Hodl reports.

“The Bitcoin symbol is similar to, but different from, the symbol for the Thai baht “฿,” which has a vertical line running through it,” the online publication writes.

The symbol did not pop up on Android as well just yet, but we have a feeling it might be on its way.

Samsung Galaxy S10 brings a crypto wallet

Samsung’s new flagship will also be supporting crypto adoption. Today’s the day when the whole world will finally get to see Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10.

The long-awaited phone will be sporting a built-in crypto wallet.

A while ago, we reported that the most impressive leaked feature that triggered a massive wave of excitement in the crypto community is Samsung Blockchain KeyStore that seems to be a blockchain wallet.

Crypto expert Joseph Young said, via Daily Hodl, that “if Samsung integrates crypto to Galaxy S10, I think it may have a bigger impact than ETF and Bakkt combined. Partially because no one really knows what kind of exposure ETF / Bakkt will bring meanwhile millions of people use Samsung phones daily.”

We’ll see what’s this phone all about today. This day could really mark a vital point in the life of cryptocurrencies.

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