Tom Lee Has A Positive Outlook For Bitcoin (BTC)’s Price By The End Of 2019

Bitcoin and crypto-related predictions have been increasing in number this year a lot.

Positive predictions regarding prices and adoption

After a bearish 2018 which broke the hopes of crypto holders and digital assets enthusiasts, now, more and more crypto fans are expecting to enjoy a better year in terms of prices and especially in terms of crypto mainstream adoption.

As we reported, the most moves that are taking place in the crypto space these days are strongly supporting adoption.

Prices have also begun moving upwards these days, and this only triggered even more positive predictions. The most far-fetched one we’ve seen so far is John McAfee’s.

John McAfee is wholly convinced that by the end of 2020, one Bitcoin will equal one million dollars.

“People are waking up to the fact that Bitcoin will be $1,000 000. But when? “Someday.” “Maybe five years.” “Within a decade.” I’m the only one giving you a hard date: Dec 31st, 2020,” he said as reported by ZyCrypto.

This view is also shared by the vice president of blockchain and digital currency at IBM, Jesse Lund.

Tom Lee sees a positive future for BTC’s price

Daily Hodl reports that Lee talked to Crypto Market News and said that in his opinion, the price of BTC would definitely recover and it will be “much higher” than $3.9000 by the end of 2019.

“I think that several things are going to support the price this year. The first is what we call macro factors – the fact that global markets are rising. Global stock markets are bullish for Bitcoin in the same way that last year’s global stock markets fell, and Bitcoin fell. The dollar isn’t soaring like it was last year so that dollar being weaker is a real tailwind for Bitcoin,” he said.

He also made sure to highlight the fact that Bitcoin’s credibility has increased a lot. You can see more of his opinions in the video above.

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