XRP For The Win: Binance CEO CZ Validates XRP’s Nature And Says It’s Not A Security

Ripple and XRP have a community of fans which is large, strong and really active.

They’re called the XRP army, or the XRP diehard fans. But the two entities also have a lot of haters, and there are currently a lot of people who are questioning the nature of XRP, calling the project centralized and more.

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao makes Ripple a favor and praises XRP.

CZ praises Ripple

During an AMA session on Periscope, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) addressed more issues such as delisting coins from Binance, the Binance DEX, BNB and its growing number of use cases and more.

But one of the most exciting subjects was XRP. CZ said that if he keeps talking and praising XRP more than he already has, he will become a part of the XRP army.

CZ made sure to state the fact that XRP has a considerable market cap and this should definitely mean something:

“There are a lot of guys who complain they’re [Ripple’s XRP token] overly centralized, etc. But look they market. The markets vote with their feet, as I say, and XRP is one of the largest market-cap coins, and it’s like that for a reason.”

CZ says XRP is not a security

Zhao also said that XRP is not a security. “I think people are aware that there is a lawsuit against XRP on whether they’re a security asset or not. Our judgment is they’re not, and until proven that they are, we listed them, and luckily we actually dragged other exchanges to list them,” he said.

He continued and said that society should not judge.

You can find the complete transcript of what CZ had to say on Binance’s blog.

Closing words

Ripple and XRP have been really successful this year, and one of the biggest achievements is XRP getting listed on Coinbase.

Also, experts say that all of Ripple’s achievements will undoubtedly lead to a surge in price for XRP sooner or later. They say that now is the best time to invest in XRP.

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