Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reportedly Surge To The Moon During The Next Financial Crisis

Bitcoin-related predictions are getting more bullish with each passing day.

There are a lot of catalysts which have been triggering these, and the rapid approach of crypto mass adoption is definitely one of them.

Bullish Bitcoin predictions

An online publication has recently mentioned a new historical report that suggests the fact that BTC’s price can hit $102,000.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also believes that we’re looking at a “massive acceleration” that’s on the horizon.

“I think there’s a massive acceleration that is going to happen within the next ten years,” he recently said.

Tron’s Justin Sun also said that BTC has already hit a bottom, and we can finally wave goodbye to the bearish trend that took hold of the crypto market back in 2018.

It was also recently revealed that if Bitcoin‘s surging volume is a legit one and if it’s also sustainable, then we’re looking at something huge that’s just around the corner.

Mike Novogratz’ Bitcoin prediction

Mike Novogratz comes with his own prediction. He said that BTC would head straight to the moon during the next financial crisis.

During the MENA Summit 2019 in Abu Dhabi, he detailed the reasons for which he thinks every investor should have 1% of their portfolio in Bitcoin.

“As Bitcoin is becoming digital gold, and really the only crypto that has value just because it does, it is the hedge against these Minsky moments – if the shit hits the fan and yields curve,” he said.

Novogratz continued and explained via the Daily Hodl: “People say, ‘If the stock market goes down, that’s not going to make Bitcoin go up.’ But if we start having a real financial crisis, a breakdown in trust and government securities, then it’s going to skyrocket. Because it really is hard money. You could also buy gold, but it’s going to replace gold.”

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