Visa Is Getting Cozy In The Crypto Space – Looking To Hire A Tech Manager For The Visa Crypto Team

Visa seems more than interested to hop on board with the crypto movement. It’s really great to see such important names becoming more and more interested in crypto and the blockchain tech instead of opposing this innovation wave.

Anyway, Visa’s new job listing shows that they are looking for a technical product manager for the Visa Crypto Team.

The employee will be responsible for executing Visa’s product strategy in the crypto ecosystem.

The tech manager will also have to manage a product roadmap and collab with the Visa Research team.

“Are you passionate about the intersection of payments and cryptocurrency? Are you deeply familiar with permissionless blockchain technology and have a close network of experts in the fast-moving cryptocurrency and fintech ecosystem? Are you excited about the challenge of developing new products for Visa to deliver value to fintechs looking to support cryptocurrencies?” Visa‘s announcement begins:

Check out the official job listing along with the responsibilities and qualifications that are required for the position.

Visa, recently boycotted

Kroger, the massive US retailer, decided to stop accepting Visa credit cards at the chain of Smith’s food and drug stores.

Mike Schlotman, Kroger’s chief financial officer, said: “We’re not going to stand for these high fees.” He also said, “Visa has been misusing its position and charging retailers excessive fees for a long time.”

Visa is actually planning to increase fees for the banks processing card payments on behalf of merchants in April.

We recently reported that Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao is supporting a blockchain startup that could very well rival Visa – the Celer Network scalability solution.

Celer holds the ability to address the main criticisms that are brought to the blockchain tech: that it’s slow and it’s still not ready for the prime time like Visa which processes enormous transaction volumes.

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