The Main ICO Trends For 2019

After the bearish 2018 which saw the market lose a big chunk of its capital and Bitcoin falling harder than ever, this year is supposed to be a better year for crypto.

Justin Sun and more crypto analysts recently said that we’re out of the long crypto winter and things should be going good from now on.

2019 is expected to be a better year for crypto in terms of prices for digital assets and also in terms of mass adoption. But what about ICOs? Here are the top four trends for ICOs as detailed by

Institutional money

2019 is also expected to see a massive wave of institutional money entering the crypto space which will allegedly trigger bulls and mass adoption.

Bug players such as NYSE and NASDAQ are already making important moves and others are expected to follow.

The influx of institutional money will improve the credibility of the token sale market and offer more fund-raising capital to ICOs.

Regulated markets

More regulation in the crypto space will also enhance credibility and trust which will lead to a new wave of investors.

Markets are expected to thrive where more regulations are implemented for digital assets.

Increased regulation should also pave the way for more compliant token sales this year.


IEOs are initial exchange offerings, and they’re just like ICOs but instead of the projects trying to run token sales they delegate this to a trustworthy exchange.

This will definitely decrease the probability of scam ICOs because exchanges have strict KYC, AML and more compliance processes implemented.


Security token offerings will serve as a bridge between traditional markets such as equities and the new token sale market.

One of the biggest questions regaring ICOs issuers is whether their tokens classify as securities. STOs reportedly turn this question on its head by tokenizing securities.

Maybe regulators might be more willing to open up opportunities and become more comfortable regarding STOs.

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