Bitcoin (BTC) Could Reach $8,400 Shortly

All crypto enthusiasts have been enjoying huge excitement and hype during the past week when the bears went to sleep, making way for the bulls for the first time this year in the crypto market.

This made more crypto experts and analysts say that we are finally out of the crypto winter.

This was stated by Tron’s Justin Sun not too long ago as well when he also said that Bitcoin has already hit a bottom.

Last week boosted BTC over the $5,000 level and made hopes high for this year.

BTC predictions for 2019

EthereumWorldNews mentions a prominent trader, Crypto Thies who says that a vital high could be on its way for the most important crypto soon.

He posted on Twitter and discussed all the reasons for this high call.

The man explained that just as it currently stands, Bitcoin could find support at $4,300 where it initially broke out and $4,700.

“On the other hand, BTC will have trouble breaking past $5,500, $5,700 (the de-facto floor late last year), $6,600, and $8,400 (a top in a mid-2018 bear market rally), as these levels will act as resistances,” the online magazine reports.

You can see what he had to say in his tweet below.

More bullish BTC predictions

There have been a lot of optimistic BTC predictions this year, and we’ll note a recent one, just in case you might have missed it.

Chief market strategist at ThinkMarkets is in the headlines, saying that BTC is heading for $100k soon.

He discussed the issue with Forbes.

Naeem Aslam said that it would not take long before retail investors enter back into the crypto space.

“The smart money is mostly interested in getting involved in a bear market because the risk to reward ratio is at its peak. Bitcoin has the potential to topple the $100,000 mark, and it is only a matter of time when this becomes a reality,” he said.

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