Ripple Pushes For XRP-Powered xRapid Integration In Asia

Ripple has been doing a lot in order to promote and push the integration of XRP and adoption of its products.

The San Francisco-based company has also been enjoying more partnerships with essential names in more industries, and the digital asset XRP saw more listings and enhanced adoption.

Now, Ripple is also focused on expanding its presence in Asia even more. Here’s the latest news.

Ripple doubles the number of employees in Singapore headquarters

Ripple decided to increase the staff members that it has in the headquarters in Singapore.

Up till now, Ripple had 12 employees there, and now the number surged to 24, according to the latest reports coming from The Business Times and Finews.Asia.

Senior vice-president of global operations Eric van Miltenburg said that Ripple is making intense efforts to align itself to the demand in the fintech-friendly region of Southeast Asia.

“[It’s an] incredibly important market for the company, given interest from regional banks in using blockchain for payments,” he said.

He continued and explained that “the demand here is significant, so it’s an easy decision for us to continue to invest in this market and make sure that we can… also seek out new customers, new partners and new ways that we can work with the market.”

Expanding the reach of xRapid

Ripple is also working on developing the reach of XRP-powered xRapid in Asia as well.

The company has recently hired a new business development lead for xRapid who will manage the operations of the company’s Asia Pacific efforts.

We recently reported another achievement that makes the XRP army of fans proud.

Ripple’s xRapid had been honored by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards for “helping to improve reliability and lower the cost of remittances in the developing world,” the company’s recent announcement reveals.

Before this, Ripple was also named one of the best employers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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