XRP Could Reportedly Hit $10 In The Next Bull Run

During the 2017-2018 bull run, Bitcoin (BTC) was able to hit almost $20k and back then almost all the other digital assets have experienced a considerable surge in the market.

This also included XRP which reached $3.90 from $0.25 in a really short period of time. Currently, XRP’s price keeps lingering around $0.30, and even if Bitcoin surged and is now heading towards the $6,400 level, XRP is not showing any signs of upwards movement.

Smartereum, the online magazine which is really popular for its crypto price predictions, is analyzing whether XRP can surge again to $3 or even more.

They report that analysts are currently contemplating the possibility of XRP hitting an all-time high of $10.

XRP to reach $3 or $10?

The online publication mentioned ZyCrypto which pointed out that the price of XRP can still surge and history can definitely repeat itself.

It’s interesting to note that for a really long time, XRP has been stuck in a descending trendline and it even fell below the $0.30 support more than once.

Smartereum brings up a member of the XRP community who started a conversation by saying that a lot of people are beginning to lose their fate in XRP’s price.

The member said “Some people really think that $XRP can’t hit $10.00? If people are calling for this bull run to be 3X of what it was in 2017, then that should be an easy number to hit,” via Smartereum.

The online publication noted that “a user said that if XRP is to hit $10, it’s market capitalization would have to be larger than the current market capitalization of Bitcoin.”

An important thing worth mentioning is the fact that there has been a significant increase in the circulating supply of XRP between when the price hit $3 and now and this is going to be a challenge.

We also recently reported that Investinblockchain addressed the many developments that XRP has to mirror sooner rather than later via a boost in its price.

The online publication writes that XRP is a sleeping giant that will shock everyone when it wakes up.

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