XRP Is Reportedly On Its Way To Boost Price And Adoption

The most important digital asset in the crypto space, Bitcoin (BTC) triggered tons of excitement yesterday when it managed to break the $6,000 level for the first time in months.

The coin is still racing towards $6,400, and it’s now trading in the green on CoinMarketCap. BTC is currently priced at $6,281.84.

More digital assets are racing these days and breaking through various resistance levels. The coins are hitting new yearly highs, but for some reason, it looks like XRP is not following the trend.

XRP, lingering at around $0.30

XRP seems to have failed to gain momentum in this positive scenery that we described above. The digital asset has been hanging around $0.30 for a while now.

Investinblockchain talks about the many developments that XRP has to mirror sooner rather than later via a boost in its price.

The online publication writes that XRP is a sleeping giant that will shock everyone when it wakes up. The online publication believes that XRP will explode in price and adoption.

Ripple is setting the space for the whole crypto industry to boom

Ripple has been working with some pretty important institutions such as IMF, World Bank, EU Commission and this is a considerable achievement.

The San Francisco-based company is laying the grounds for the whole crypto industry to develop and flourish in the next years.

With its products, Ripple has been working hard to eliminate the barriers between the blockchain tech and the traditional financial system, and that’s why a lot of important players have been hopping on board with Ripple’s products.

The online publication mentioned above makes sure to highlight the fact that XRP‘s price will definitely mirror all the achievements that are bagged by the Ripple company.

In terms of adoption, things are going better for XRP considering all the latest integrations of the coin (in WooCommerce, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and more).

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