Bakkt, A Potential Trigger Of The Bitcoin Rally: User Acceptance Testing For BTC Futures Custody & Trading Planned For July

A while ago, Bakkt COO Adam White laid out the custody roadmap and addressed just how secure digital asset storage is the main aim in their strategy. Yesterday, Bakkt updated people via Medium and Twitter on the launch of Bitcoin futures contracts developed in collab with ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Clear US.

Bakkt announcement excited the crypto community and might have triggered the surge

Bakkt has been working closely with the CFTC to develop contracts that meet the customers’ needs for trading, transparency, and market certainty, and are also compliant with Federal regulations.

Bakkt posted on Medium that “As detailed in the ICE Futures U.S. filing with the CFTC today, bitcoin futures will be listed on a federally regulated futures exchange in the coming months.”

The official Medium post includes all the interesting details on Bakkt plans and it’s definitely worth checking out.

More crypto experts believe that Bakkt’s announcement might have supported the huge surge in the price of the BTC.

The Twitter community exploded with enthusiasm following the Bakkt announcement and the XRP army has also manifested their joy and hope that XRP’s price will be heading to the moon as well.

On Medium, Bakkt announcement ends with the following statements:

“As we help bring digital assets mainstream, we’ll continue our collaboration with regulators and customers. The landscape won’t change overnight, but the intersection of technology and finance requires cooperation between business and policymakers to ensure the U.S. maintains a critical voice in how this space evolves.”

BTC is rallying in the market

Bitcoin is witnessing a parabolic run and it managed to surpass more psychological levels extremely easily.

It even hit the $8,000 level and the most important crypto in the market is now priced at $8,196.59 and still racing.

Tom Lee and more experts believe that once BTC hits $10k, the FOMO goes mainstream.

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