Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is About To Explode: The Next Parabolic Cycle Is Around The Corner

A lot of crypto-related predictions have been flooding the crypto space this year, and they seem to be getting more bullish as the time goes by.

The bulls are definitely back in the market after the bearish 2018 which say the most important digital asset in the space lose about 85% from its price.

eToro trading platform’s chief analyst Mati Greenspan spoke to Bloomberg and explained some pretty interesting details about the price of Bitcoin and what the digital asset has been going through.

He suggested that the reason for which the latest massive BTC surge took place and the following correction are something natural and they’re part of the big next parabolic cycle.

The next parabolic cycle is approaching

Greenspan said that BTC’s price is going through some successional parabolic cycles and the necessary corrections such as the one from 2018 are something normal.

He noted that the market is about to witness a new surge and we’ve already seen this with the bulls that hit during the past days.

He also made sure to explain that the recent setback in price is a natural process.

The crypto space is racing towards mass adoption

Greenspan also talked about the mass adoption of the digital asset which is reportedly coming soon.

He mentioned Microsoft which is about to use Bitcoin’s blockchain for securing the customer data, and he also addressed the Starbucks and Whole Foods subject.

We recently reported that massive retailers started accepting BTC, and this is an enormous step towards the mass adoption of crypto.

A new initiative was announced yesterday, according to Fortune. Big name retailers, including Amazon-owned Whole Foods, are now accepting Bitcoin and other digital assets.

“The retail initiative comes via a partnership between Flexa, a payments startup, and Gemini, the Winklevoss-owned digital currency company. It works by piggy-backing on the digital scanners that many big retailers use to accept phone-based payments from their apps and from digital wallets like Apple Pay,” Fortune’s Jeff John Roberts writes.

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