Bitcoin Has Huge Potential To Surge To The Moon – BTC Could Reportedly Reach $300k

The Bitcoin price predictions have been flooding the crypto space since the beginning of the year. Now, they are becoming more and more optimistic after the return of the bulls in the crypto market.

Bitcoin is currently surging, and it’s trading in the green on CoinMarketCap. The most important digital asset is priced at $7,936.87.

Earlier today, it was trading in the red and the price was lower. It seems that the coin started racing again, so you’d better keep your eyes on it.

We recently reported that since the beginning of April this year, BTC was able to surge from $4,200 to a new peak for this year of $8,350.

This was a gain of 100%, and it seems that BTC is now gearing up for another surge and the cryptos seem to be racing towards mass adoption.

BTC can reportedly hit $300,000

Peter Brandt believes that the most important coin in the crypto market is able to surge towards $300k. The man became more popular than ever after he predicted the crash from last year.

The Daily Hodl reported that Peter Brandt told BLOCKTV Bitcoin has a 50% chance of total failure and a 50% chance of entering a new parabolic rise.

This surge could bring the price of BTC from $50,000 to $300,000.

“I think were going to $50,000, but I don’t know when. Here’s how I look at it: I’m a gambler. And I don’t know anything about BTC. But I don’t have to know anything about football to bet on the New England Patriots. I could be a rugby player and bet on that,” he said.

He continued and explained, “And so I look at Bitcoin, and I say there’s a 50% chance it goes to 0 – it becomes worthless – that the whole narrative is a big scam. But there’s a 50% chance we could go parabolic again. And if we go parabolic again, we can go up to $300,000.”

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