Tron’s Justin Sun Might Release Strong Competition For Instagram, Snapchat And YouTube

Tron‘s CEO and founder Justin Sun is the most enthusiast supporter and promoter of the Tron project. He recently promissed via a tweet that he’s planning to bring something huge to the crypto space on BitTorrent.

Sun tweeted that the release of BitTorrent Speed is the first goal from a series of many others that he and his team are working on.

BitTorrent Speed is released

BitTorrent Speed has been created with the main focus of empowering the BitTorrent protocol and also support innovations in the crypto and blockchain industry.

The entity also connects users with the BTT tokens, and it enables them to get coins for sending files. The download speed also becomes much faster.

It’s also worth noting that BitTorrent Speed is available on the UTorrent Class Windows client and, according to the online publication Today’s Gazette, it enables “the largest blockchain application in the world that provides support for speedy uploading and downloading of files.”

BitTorrent could overtake Instagram, Snapchat and more platforms

The same publication that we mentioned above also noted that there’d been a lot of speculation in the crypto space, suggesting that BTLive will make users drop Instagram, Snapchat, and more similar platforms.

Tron has been working really hard to decentralize the web, and the goal is to help users produce and transfer contents without using third parties such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

According to Today’s Gazette, using BitTorrent is more profitable compared to similar platforms because users can get paid for downloading content, for instance.

The download and upload processes will also have boosted speed as we already mentioned.

Justin Sun’s announcement on Twitter triggered massive excitement among the members of the Tron community.

Stay tuned to find out what exactly Justin Sun has prepared in his bag of goodies these days.


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