XRP Payments Are Close To The All-Time-High From December 2017

The bulls have returned into the crypto space, and this triggered immense enthusiasm from the community.

A lot of crypto experts are expecting a bull run that is similar or even bigger than the one in 2017. Now, XRP reaches the spotlight again.

XRP payments have been rising

There have been a lot of Bitcoin-related predictions this year, and most of them are bullish. A parabolic rise in price is expected to come and blow our minds away.

A live XRP chart that is provided by Ripple has been showing that the XRP payments are rising and they are getting closer to the highs that have been seen during the massive bull run dating back in 2017.

This has also been noted by Cryptopolis, which is a quantitative analyst at StrongMarket, as Ethereum World News reported.

“Massive spike in micropayments. No idea what it’s about, but it could very well be just one actor, so don’t lose your mind. Remittance-size payments volume still high, big weekend drop suggesting at least some utility. If this weekend is similar, really encouraging,” the online publication writes.

Potential triggers for the price rise

The online publication mentioned above notes that there are a few triggers that might be causing an increase in the number of XRP payments. According to them, this might be happening due to a few activities that have been taking place in the XRP ecosystem.

Integrations of XRP micropayments in WooCommerce, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and the speculations that this might happen in Skype as well are said to be a trigger for the price surge.

The fact that XRP became a base currency on Binance is another potential catalyst that they mention along with the fact that the use cases for XRP are also on the rise.

Read more in Ethereum World News’ original article.

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