Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Will Soon Surpass $300

During the seemingly neverending crypto winter, ETH hit a low of $83 but then this year, the coin managed to rise a lot.

Just a few weeks after the April bulls, the price of ETH has struggled to remain at the $200 level. Back in April, the bulls have returned into the crypto market, and this move triggered tons of excitement among crypto enthusiasts.

This has also triggered the appearance of tons of bullish predictions.

Smartereum has recently noted that the extended bulls from this month led to the fact that ETH was able to surpass the $200 level.

At the moment, ETH is trading in the green on CoinMarketCap, and it’s priced at $268.44.

ETH to reach $300 soon

ETH’s price is expected to hit the $300 level soon and this is basically the next challenge for the coin, according to the same online publication.

Bitcoin surged a lot since April, and this surge in price has been beneficial for all the altcoins in the crypto market.

“Right now, the price of Ethereum is in a wide range of $226 to $275, and it’s going to remain there for a while. As soon as it is able to break the resistance at $275, a surge to $300 will be inevitable,” Smartereum writes.

They also posted that it’s not sure when ETH will hit $300 but that it will definitely happen sooner rather than later, and now, considering the big surge in the altcoins’ prices since yesterday, ETH is on the right track as well.

Teaming up with Microsoft

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys and Microsoft are teaming up with Louis Vuitton SE as tech partners to create a blockchain platform called AURA.

AURA plans to allow customers to check, trace, and track the production of luxury goods. Via AURA, people will be able to learn various details about a product’s history.

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