Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Could Rise Due To Recent Partnerships

This year was a great one for Stellar as well. After the bulls returned to the crypto market, back in April and BTC rose a lot, the faith of all the other altcoins managed to change for the better.

Stellar maintained its position in the crypto market, and according to the latest reports, it’s getting ready to embrace more institutional investors.

Smartereum has recently highlighted the fact that Stellar’s recent partnerships will trigger a surge in the coin’s price. They wrote that XLM could soon reach $0.5 or at least by the end of 2019.

The online publication also noted that a surge in price would be fueled by positive publicity as well.

Recent meaningful Stellar partnerships

The Stellar Foundation aims to reportedly make XLM a legal tender in the banking sector. The digital asset is transacted via a secure platform, and users will be able to manage transactions without the hassle of any additional fees.

Stellar recently teamed up with Deloitte and IBM, and another important thing worth mentioning is the addition of XLM on Wirex, as a new payment option.

More than that, back in March, Trust Wallet has revealed the full integration of XLM. This led to the fact that users can send, receive, and store XLM.

XLM price predictions for 2019

According to Smartereum, XLM has the potential of hitting $0.5 this year.

The online publication noted that “For the short-term outlook, in the event that the market is forced below the 200-day EMA as well as beneath the lesser boundary of this range at the $0.12 position, we can see support areas at $0.1174 and $0.1146.”

They also said that if the bulls “maintain the support position near the 200-day EMA and force the price of Stellar Lumens over $0.145, the resistance level will shift the $0.155 level.”

At the moment, XLM is priced at $0.133111 on CoinMarketCap, and the crypto is trading in the green.

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