XRP Could Reportedly Retest $3.30 – Now Is The Time To Invest In Ripple’s Coin

Although Bitcoin and other important digital assets are trading in the red today, XRP is still surging, and Ripple’s coin is currently priced at $0.43097 on CoinMarketCap.

There have been a lot of positive predictions regarding XRP, and most of them are using as arguments the fact that a surge in price will be triggered by various achievements that have been taking place in the XRP and Ripple ecosystem.

Now, Smartereum presents the latest prediction and says that based on a critical analysis of the chart that’s highlighting the trading for the XRP/USD pair, it’s very clear that XRP holders will collect gains next month.

The online publication cites data from CoinDesk in order to reveal the latest bullish prediction for XRP.

“The charts show that the price of XRP is set to form the golden cross pattern which could see it turn bullish and retest its recent high of $3.30 in the coming weeks,” Smartereum writes.

XRP is about to enter a golden cross pattern

Smartereum notes that XRP is on the verge of entering a golden cross pattern which couldn’t be better news.

“If it follows BTC’s lead, the asset class could see substantial price gains. It is expected to retest the $3.30 price position should all parameters and technical indicators stay in play,” they write.

Taking this potential surge into consideration, it’s probably not too far-fetched to say that NOW is the time to invest in XRP before it surges.

XRP payments close to 2017 highs

In other news, XRP payment shave been rallying towards the highs from December 2017.

A live XRP chart that is provided by Ripple has been showing that the XRP payments are rising and they are getting closer to the highs that have been seen during the massive bull run dating back in 2017.

This has also been noted by Cryptopolis, which is a quantitative analyst at StrongMarket, as Ethereum World News reported.

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