XRP Adoption: The SEC Might Become Friendlier To The Crypto Space

As we keep reporting, both Ripple and XRP have been able to gain the trust and respect of more firms, businesses, and institutions so far.

This is mainly because the XRP blockchain is one of the fastest, cheapest, and safest ones out there ar the moment when it comes to sending money across borders.

XRP is also a great investment opportunity, and this is shown by its price of course. During the years, Ripple managed to penetrate a lot of industries sofar, but the primary focus of the San Francisco-based company seems to remain on banks and financial institutions.

Ripple has been repeating that the company’s goal is not to work against banks and regulations but with them.

Neverending SEC issues

You may be aware of the fact that Ripple has been having troubles with the SEC and unfortunately, these issues seemed to weighed XRP down in the past.

But we’re glad to see that the digital asset is back on its feet now, and the price movement doesn’t even depend so much on the one of BTC these days.

Things may be about to change because it seems that the SEC has decided to have a friendlier approach towards the crypto space, as reported by Smartereum.

The SEC has its Fintech Forum

The US SEC just had its first Fintech Forum in Washington DC. Here, the headquarters of the agency is situated.

In the forum, they reportedly addressed the series of issues related to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptos.

According to the same online publication mentioned above, the chairman of SEC – Jay Clayton said the following:

“There are many challenges in the digital currency industry, and the main way to handle them is via engagement. We should also put into account our earlier achievements and compare them with what we’re trying to accomplish at the moment. At the agency, assessing the industry and competition is what drives innovations.”

Smartereum believes that a lot of crypto projects will benefit if the SEC changes its attitude, and the main one is XRP.

If the coin stops having troubles with the SEC, mass adoption will happen a lot easier.

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