Ripple’s XRP Boosted Utility Volume: 250k New Wallets And 150 New Pairings In Just 6 Months – A Price Surge Is Expected

Ripple and the digital asset XRP have been enjoying a great year. The company was able to mark new important partnerships, and XRP has been witnessing increased adoption.

Ripple has been boosing the coin for more adoption, and they have been working really hard to bring institutional investors in XRP.

More than that, Wietse Wind and his XRPL Labs have been also helping XRP see more adoption with various implementations of the coin.

Utility volume, new pairings, and wallets

Not too long ago, ZyCrypto highlighted that the digital asset has been increasing in utility volume, and also some new wallets are added to the platform with 150 new pairings in a period of six months.

It’s also worth noting that the price of the coin has been a stagnant one during Q1 2019, but then it was boosted in May.

Experts are predicting that XRP will hit $0.50 soon and some more bullish predictions also surfaced in the crypto space.

ZyCrypto mentioned a few factors that might contribute to a price surge for XRP.

The brought up Ripple’s expanding network, the integration of xRapid with XRP and more essential triggers.

“Since Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union integrated xRapid and XRP, it became the first blockchain-based application of cryptocurrency by financial institutions in a commercial product,” according to the online publication.

XRP price predictions

One of the most optimistic price predictions for Ripple’s digital asset which we found these days is that XRP is poised to reach $10 soon.

Smartereum online publication is the one that predicts XRP hitting $10 over the next 90 days.

They note that more partnerships for Ripple will eventually mean more use cases for the digital aseet.

They also noted that at the moment, a lot of top banks in the world are using xRapid and enjoying the benefits that this XRP-powered product has to offer regarding cross-border transactions.

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