Ripple (XRP) Adoption: Coil Platform Allows YouTube & Twitch Content Creators To Receive XRP

Ripple adoption is spreading and new ways of moving and getting XRP appear. Ripple’s former CTO created a brand new platform called Coil which is currently integrated with YouTube and Twitch.

The best thing that will bring enthusiasm for Ripple fans is that the platform allows content creators to receive the digital coin XRP.

Support your favorite content creators with XRP

Coil aims to give content creators more and more ways in which they are able to monetize their work. The platform is now in beta, and it has been integrated with Twitch and YouTube.

Viewers can donate XRP to their favorite channels, this way supporting their beloved content creators and helping them do their work the best.

Via Coil, users also have the ability to donate to Wikipedia and the Internet Archive.

The platform makes use of Interledger which is a protocol that’s been created at Ripple, and its primary focus is to facilitate payments from more networks.

Beta users are rolling it out on their own websites, as you can see in the post on Twitter below.

More about Coil and how it works

Coil startup is based in San Francisco, and it aims to come up with new fresh ways for content creators to get money for their work. As you will also see on their official website, the platform is really easy to use, and the users have to sign up and pay a fixed monthly subscription.

“The central element that makes Coil different from other services is that it uses an open API that is called Web Monetization in order to pay sites in real-time. This way, sites can securely provide rewards to any users who have enabled Web Monetization, while creating a self-sustaining economy,” as Oracle Times reports.

Closing words

It seems that now is the perfect time to consider investing or buying ripple, since both Ripple and its digital asset XRP are doing great these days and the crypto it’s set to become the standard in cross border-payments.

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